1/12 Little Armory Girls’ Frontline 416 Type


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. This special collaboration between Little Armory and the “Girls’ Frontline” game features the 416 type carbine! This version was created when a prestigious German firearms manufacturer “improved” the weaknesses of the M4 carbine. The M4 is prone to malfunctions due to carbon accumulation, because it directs the propellant gas into the engine section to retract the bolts. The 416 was changed to a gas piston type, in which the bolt is retracted by a pistol ejected by the firing gas. After further improvements, the M4 has become a famous weapon with a high level of reliability, while maintaining the operability and expandability of the previous version.This gun is molded in two colors; both long and short stocks are provided. A postcard-size illustration card is also included! The back of the card features a description of the firearm and a space where it can be displayed. Order yours today! [Size]: Approximately 7cm long when completed [Materials]: PS resin [Set Contents]:PS resin runnersPostcard-size illustration card