1/12 Little Armory Girls’ Frontline UMP9 Type


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. This special collaboration between Little Armory and the “Girls’ Frontline” game includes a 1/12-scale UMP9 gun with a magazine, foregrip and sight, and a special illustration card too! The UMP45 was developed as a low-cost submachine gun using powerful 45ACP ammunition. The UMP9 with a 9mm parabellum was developed as a variation of the diameter; it uses a lot of reinforced plastic to reduce its weight, improve productivity, and ensure corrosion resistance to sea water. A closed bolt system is used to ensure shooting accuracy. This version can be asembled with or without the sound suppressor; the stock can be replaced to reflect its stored state and in-use state. You can choose to assemble it with a holographic sight, and various rail systems and the foregrip can also be interchanged. A postcard-size illustration card is also included! The back of the card features a description of the firearm and a space where it can be displayed. [Set Contents]:Runner kit (PS resin, approximately 7cm long when assembled)Postcard-size illustration card