1/12 Little Armory MG3KWS Type


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. This 1/12-scale Little Armory weapon is based on the MG3, a modern version of the famous German WWII-era machine gun, the MG42; the MG3KWS is a further upgrade of the MG3. It includes added rails, a variable stock and a monopod. The addition of a retractable carrying handle greatly changed its appearance. In addition to the carrying handle and monopod, a short scope and Vario-Ray type illuminator are also included. A soft resin ammo belt and a bipod that can be opened and closed are also included. Your favorite Little Armory or other 1/12-scale figures will enjoy a chance to get acquainted with this weapon — order yours today! [Size]: Approximately 10.5cm long when assembled [Materials]: PS resin