1/12 Little Armory Sniping Tools A


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. Sniper missions are difficult. In various terrain and environments, they have to avoid detection by the enemy, stay on the alert for long periods of time so as to not miss a moment’s opportunity, and hit a very small target from up to a kilometer away. Snipers have various tools to help overcome these difficulties, and this set from Tomytec reproduces a tool set that any 1/12-scale sniper would find useful! The sniper gun is sold separately, but this set includes a backpack, tripods, binoculars, monoculars, sensors, mobile terminals and more! The backpack is made of a soft resin (please note that it’s not possible to actually store the rifle in the bag). Order yours today! [Materials]: PS resin, PVC [Set Contents]:Tripod system (x2 types)Spotting scopeBinocularsWind sensorLaser range finderPDA for ballistic calculationRifle/equipment backpack