1/12 LittleArmory [LD011] Desk for Designated Defense High School & Grease Gun Set


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. This set includes parts to recreate a typical scene at the Designated Defense High School, with three desks, grease guns, gun parts and tools. A perfect diorama piece for your 1/12-scale figures![Mold Color]: Light brown, dark brown gray[Set Contents]:Desktop plates (x3)Seats (x3)Backrest (x3)Desk storage unit (x3)Left and right hands (x3 each)Horizontal bar (x3)Luggage (x6)Teacher side (x3)Teacher side lower part (x3)Gun placement (x3)Various types of gun suspension (x6)Storage (x3)Grease gun set (x2)Maintenance tool set (x2)Background (x2)Sticker sheet (x1)