1/24 Gears in Action: Object Series 2 — Quadruped Robots


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This is a fixed-pose resin-cast figure kit. Rugged mountainous areas like Afghanistan, heavy wetlands, deep undergrowth forests, and deep snowfall areas are all difficult to reach by vehicle. Members of the special forces who have undergone rigorous advanced training can breakthrough under their own power; however, no matter how much training you have, the amount you can carry cannot exceed a certain amount. A new series of weapons that overturn this commonly held belief is the quadruped walking robot. Although it’s still in the research stage, practical tests are currently almost able to duplicate the movement of animals. These two quadruped robots await their master’s command; one has a camera for a head, and the other has a bowgun. They’re perfect when paired up with Noa from the Girls in Action lineup — order yours today!