1/6 Lucifer Elf Queen Emma LFX-1901A


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This is a posable action figure. Emma, the lovely Queen of the Elves, arrives courtesy of Lucifer! She’s built on a highly posable 1/6-scale body, seamless for a smooth appearance. Her complete armor set is included as well, with its leaf motif echoing Emma’s forest home. Her detailed longbow conceals a pair of blades within, and her quiver and arrows are included as well, as is the detailed base and backdrop shown here! Invite her into your collection today — your life will never be the same! [Set Contents]:Main figureHands (x3 pairs)HeadgearGem necklaceNeck armorLeaf shoulder armor (x1 pair)Arm armor (x1 pair)Forearm armor (x1 pair)Butterfly chest armor with decoration chainHollowed waist armor with decoration chainCrotch armorThigh armor (x1 pair)Shin armor (x1 pair)Armored high heels (x1 pair)Elven longbow (with two Elf’s Blades)QuiverArrow (x4, metal alloy)Scene display baseForest elf backdrop