Revoltech Evangelion Evolution Evangelion EVA Unit-03


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This is a posable action figure from the Revoltech series. Kaiyodo brings back its amazing Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EVA Unit-03!Part of their “Evangelion Evolution” lineup, it’s ready to rock right out of the box, with an unbelievably flexible body (it can drop to all fours with no problem!) and tons of fantastic accessories, such as 10 hands, a base with EVA-01’s head sticking out of it (you can remove the head and use the base to pose other figures on their backs, to replicate a robot rumble royale!), two “rip effects” for EVA-03’s hands, a ferocious Angel head with jaws that can be opened and closed, two extra arms (with stretched forearms), two armored shoulders, an entry plug cover and a messed-up entry plug for EVA-01 to chomp on, an umbilical cable, and a transparent display stand! This deep-purple fury stands about 14cm tall–order it today!(Includes Unit-03 and its accessories only; Unit-01 is not included.)[Figure Size]: Approximately 14cm tall