Robot Damashii Effect Parts Set ver. A.N.I.M.E.


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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. Spice up your Robot Damashii A.N.I.M.E. figures with this extensive set of effect parts! Bandai’s got you covered with parts for shooting, slashing and explosions galore, as well as connection joints and more. Order it today and let the giant-robot battle scenes commence!Note: Includes effect parts only. Action figures are sold separately. [Materials]: ABS, PVC [Set Contents]:Saber stab effect (x2, front & back)Impact effect (x2)Explosion effect (x2, large and small)Bazooka launch effectBazooka smoke removal effectBeam penetration effect (x2, front and back)Saber slashing effect (x2, large and small)Effect fixing ring (for Gundam GM)Effect fixing ring (for Zaku)Effect fixing ring (for Dom)Effect fixing ring (for Gelgoog)Various joint set