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Action Figures – we stock a vast selection of Action figures, across a wide universe of fandoms, all our actions figures and anime action figures are one hundred percent authentic and shipped directly from Japan to our fulfillment center warehouse in the UK and then forwarded to you!
Please note our Action figure section displays our full catalog of action figures, you will find both anime action figures and standard action figures in this section. Whether you’re searching for anime action figures or more western-based action figures you will find them here, if you would like to select a certain type of figure please use our search filters, located on the left side of the page. Our action figure range includes franchises such as Ultraman figures, Kamen rider figures, power ranger action figures and a vast range of anime action figures, we also stock more western-based figures such as transformers figures, star wars figures, and both Marvel and DC-based action figures. Whether you’re a mint in box collector or just a casual fan our action figure section has you covered. Should you face any issues, have any questions or can’t find the action figure your looking for then feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.