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UK Nendoroid – we stock a vast selection of Nendoroid figures, across a wide universe of fandoms including Nendoroid overwatch, Nendoroid pokemon, Miku Nendoroid as well as many other UK Nendoroid figures and Nendoroid doll accessories.

All our Nendoroid figures are one hundred percent authentic and are shipped directly from Japan to our fulfillment center warehouse in the UK and then forwarded to you! Whether you’re looking for your next Nendoroid anime figure, or a hard-core over gamer looking to grab a dva Nendoroid, a movie and comic buff looking for a new joker Nendoroid or a classic gamer wishing to pick up a Zelda Nendoroid, our Nendoroid section has you covered. Should you face any issues, have any questions or can’t find the action figure your looking for then feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.
We are always updating our UK Nendoroid catalog so if you can’t find what you’re looking for make sure to come back soon! Please note that Anime Figures UK Nendoroid Figures that fall into limited editions or limited exclusives are placed on backorder and we frequently.