This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. In 2019, the new firearm APC9K was selected by the U.S. Army as its first formal submachine gun in 76 years. Developed in Switzerland, the APC series is a “system weapon” that uses a common design and interface for various versions, and the APC9K is the most compact model in the 9mm-caliber submachine gun line. Following the operability of the M4 series, it has a layout that can be used with ease whether the operator is left- or right-handed. This set comes with two bodies: the stock deployed form and the stored form. It also has 20- and 30-piece translucent magazines, and a barrel with and without a suppressor. The flip-up backup sight comes with two types in an inverted shape. In addition, a T2-type dot sight, light, foregrip, left and right rails are also included as options, and you can build it just as you like! Order yours today! [Size]: Approximately 6cm long when completed [Materials]: PS