1/7 Dororo: Hyakkimaru feat. Sayoko Kamitsure PVC


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This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. Adapted from Good Smile Company:From the 2019 anime series “Dororo” comes a scale figure of Hyakkimaru, sculpted by Sayoko Kamitsure! While staying faithful to the design from the anime, Sayoko Kamitsure has recreated Hyakkimaru in stunning detail, posed as though having just finished a battle. While the figure itself is not flashy, the atmosphere of “Dororo” has been expertly captured in the muted tones and rough shading. Be sure to add Hyakkimaru to your collection!Comment from Sculptor Sayoko Kamitsure:I set out to sculpt Hyakkimaru in a way that captured his intensity and conviction from the front, while preserving a sense of loneliness when viewed from the back.I sculpted his prosthetic limbs with particular care, first by simulating articulated joints and then sculpting them to look as though they are actually movable. The differences between his real leg and prosthetic leg really stand out on the rock base, making it quite a visually appealing part of the figure. [Figure Size]: About 27cm tall [Materials]: PVC, ABS.