This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. Luffy steps directly off the cover of the “One Piece” Log Collection DVD for a new, phenomenal figure! Not only does he feature impeccable detail, from the tiny fabric lines in his shorts to the wood detail of the barrel, but he’s a whopping 50 centimeters tall! This impressively large polystone & PVC Luffy is posed with his signature grin, clasping his jacket with one hand and reaching for his sword with the other. He stands over a creative pirate-themed base with semi-transparent waves rushing up around a barrel, treasure chest, and loose gold coins.He can be displayed with or without the coat — either way, he makes a formidable display piece!Unique Art Studio has chosen PVC to accompany the polystone in this figure to reduce the chance of damage, so you can have a stunning figure worthy of its size with less risk breakage than a normal polystone figure.Make this breathtaking version of the aspiring pirate king the centerpiece of your collection![Size]: 50cm tall[Material]: Polystone, PVC